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From PP

Very professional job Gerry found a hard wax in my left ear and removed it no pain and I can hear better cheers Gerry

From RP

Had problems with wax this year, made an appointment with north cornwall ,clear ears,
What a result!! Very professional and efficient, my hearing is back! I recommend these guys!
Thanks again

From LP

Luckily managed to get an appointment for hubby today. Only deaf for a day but very uncomfortable. 

Gerry Durkin

did a fantastic job so quickly and very professionally I can't praise him enough. He removed wax in both ears and his hearing is brilliant again. Thank you Gerry I can't imagine how long he would have been deaf without you! I would highly recommend this service.

From ST

Thank you for seeing to my uncle and helping him with his blocked ear, very professional indeed! Everything was very hygienic, I wish you well in your new business and I will definitely recommend your service to everyone I know...

From RB

Ears inspected and de-waxed today!

Got some gory before and after photos that also show severe Exostoses(Surfers ear), great to get professional advice on these.

Couldn’t recommend this service highly enough.

Super friendly and very professional service. 

Completely Covid aware and safe practices in place. 

Get yourselves booked up and look after your ears.

Thank you Gerry Durkin

From S B-L

Gerry came to our house, lovely man. He was Uber Covid-Safe! The Microsuction process was performed incredibly well. Was calm & made me feel really comfortable throughout. Can’t recommend him highly enough. Thanks Gerry for emptying my ear canals.

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