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This method of cleaning your ears and removing ear wax is totally safe, gentle and pain-free. During the procedure, an Aural Care Professional examines your ear and then safely removes the blockage using a low-pressure suction device. In most cases, it takes less than twenty minutes to clean both ears.


The Benefits of Microsuction:

  • Microsuction is simple, clean and the safest method of ear wax removal.

  • Your Aural Care Professionals are able to clearly see the ear canal throughout the procedure and be very precise, thoroughly removing all blockages.

  • Microsuction is the quickest method of ear wax removal, as cleaning both ears usually takes no longer than twenty minutes.

  • Microsuction is comfortable and does not hurt. If you’ve had bad experiences with other ear wax removal methods in the past, such as syringing, you don’t have to worry about how microsuction will feel.

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