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North Cornwall 'Clear-Ears' are proud to announce a partnership with a great local company called PRO-AQUAZ, based in Newquay, who provide custom made Ear plugs for Watersports.

They also specialise in Custom Hearing Protection, In Ear Monitors and Communication products through their other business arm, ACS Customs SW Ltd.

Please see details below, with direct links to both sites, please mention ourselves.


A little bit of background on the product, designed by Sean, using test subjects over the last 3 years. Designed to allow as much audio as possible(-10db tested) into the ear while protecting from water & wind ingress which causes Exostosis(Surfers Ear).

All our chosen surfers suffer Surfers Ear of varying degrees, but have also suffered with ear infections every few months whilst using the other products on the market, resulting in excessive time out of the water. Since using Pro-Aquaz none of them have had an ear infection. 

We have been working with a specialist ENT Surgeon in the UK who has also been using Pro-Aquaz himself as an open water swimmer and now has endorsed the product, giving us a very good standing in the NHS & community of the area he works in. 

A local Dive Instructor who has a problem with Eczema in his ear canals chose to try out our Pro-Aquaz for Diving, I advised that we hadn't done any testing with them underwater so it would be at his own risk. So far he has been diving for over 6 months, approximately 20 dives per week in salt & fresh water, diving to depths up to 30 mtrs with no issues.  His ear canals are staying perfectly dry & he is also able to hear perfectly which is crucial when he is teaching especially with the youngsters he works with.



ACS was one of the first UK manufactures of products that are able to call themselves Hearing Protection under the new PPE regulations achieving Module D certification.  Specialising in the manufacture of custom hearing protection, in ear monitors & communication devices made from soft silicone providing quality products to many industries from  the military, music industry to motorsports.

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