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What is earwax?

Essentially, earwax is an efficient self-cleaning service for your ears, and helps to protect the sensitive ear canal from things like bacteria and debris that can cause infections.

Produced naturally by glands in the ear canal, you’ll recognize earwax as any colour from yellow, to bright orange, to dark brown. Your body will normally produce enough earwax to maintain health on its own, but sometimes this wax can become hard and impacted, which can lead to problems like hearing loss, or discomfort.

Why do we have earwax?

Earwax is a good thing to have in your ears, that’s why your body naturally produces it


Its sticky texture prevents bacteria and germs from moving further into the ear, where they can cause infections.

Keeps out unwelcome insects

Earwax is also a natural insect repellent – so if you’ve ever felt a tickling sensation in your ear, you don’t need to worry about anything creepy nor crawly.

Built in cleaning service

Eventually, the earwax containing any trapped dirt or bacteria will simply fall out without you noticing, cleaning as it goes.

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