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Expert Earwax Removal Services in Cornwall​


Welcome to Clear Ears Cornwall, your trusted destination for professional earwax removal services. With a focus on safety, comfort, and effectiveness, our clinic offers advanced microsuction techniques to help you achieve clear, healthy ears. Led by experienced specialists, we ensure a thorough and gentle removal process, tailored to your individual needs. Whether you're experiencing ear discomfort or seeking preventive care, Clear Ears Cornwall is here to provide reliable solutions. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and experience the difference in ear care.




* Do you have a feeling of fullness in the affected ear?

* Ringing or noises in the ear (tinnitus)?

* Decreased hearing in the affected ear?

* Dizziness?

* Cough?

This could be due to a build up of earwax. With Microsuction removal this will relieve these issues.​

07570 146 598

Gerry is a highly experienced Senior MIU Nurse Practitioner, who has been looking in people's ears for over 22 years in Cornwall, in the field of Minor Injury/Illness Nursing, assessing and treating a range of ear conditions, alongside the removal of foreign bodies and ear irrigation. Gerry has been a qualified nurse for 30 years and has completed an accredited Aural Micro Suction Training Course recommended by the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists.


We offer high-quality professional earwax removal services using the latest microsuction techniques. You can visit our new clinic premises in Wadebridge for specialist appointments. Additionally, we provide the convenience of home visits across Cornwall, allowing you to undergo earwax removal in the comfort of your own home. For personalised protection, we have partnered with PRO-AQUAZ to offer custom-made ear plugs, ensuring optimal comfort and fit for your specific needs.

Why Choose Us for Microsuction Earwax Removal in Cornwall?


Looking for a safe, effective, and comfortable way to remove earwax in Cornwall? Look no further than our experienced team! Here's why you can trust us: ​


Highly Experienced: Our lead practitioner, Gerry, is a Senior MIU Nurse Practitioner with over 22 years of experience in Cornwall's Minor Injury/Illness field. This means Gerry is an expert in assessing and treating ear conditions, including earwax removal.


Gentle & Effective: We use the latest microsuction techniques, a safe and comfortable option for most people. Gerry is also trained in gentle irrigation (syringing) if needed or preferred.


Your Safety & Comfort First: We prioritise your well-being. We use high-quality, modern equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.


Accredited Training: Gerry has completed an accredited Aural Micro Suction Training Course, recommended by the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists. This ensures you receive the most up-to-date and recognised microsuction techniques.

Contact Us for Expert Earwax Removal Services in Cornwall​


Feel free to contact Clear Ears Microsuction for expert earwax removal services in Cornwall. You can reach us by phone at 07570 146 598 or email us at Whether you have questions, want to book an appointment, or require further information, we're here to assist you with professional care and personalised service. Our clinic is located at:


1st Floor

Bridge Hypnotherapy Building

Pen-Y-Bryn, Gonvena Hill

Wadebridge, Cornwall

PL27 6DJ

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